History of Chinese Gospel Church (CGC)

We just celebrated our two year anniversary of the planting of His church here in Charlottesville Virginia. This church started in 2004 with a great deal of prayers and support from groups of Chinese and Americans from the First Baptist Church. The Chinese were looking to plant a church using the facilities from their American sponsoring church, the First Baptist Church of Park Street.

The First Baptist Church of Park Street just celebrated their 175 years anniversary. This is a traditional Baptist church with a rich history. Many distinguished pastors preached and lead a congregation from this church in Charlottesville. In early 1800, one young lady named Lotte Moon was a student at the girls academy accepted the Lord and was baptized in FBC. The in obedience to God’s call she became one of the early missionary to China. She served in Shangdong Province from 1860 until her death in 1899. Her courage and faith along with her love for the Chinese people is well known. Each year around Christmas, the International Mission Board has a special offering to support the International missionaries worldwide is named in her honor. It is truly miraculous and God’s work as we see Chinese coming from China to worship in the church that baptized and sent Lotte Moon.

Through much prayer and discussions with FBC ministerial staff and with strong encouragement from Senior Pastor Dr. Joel Jenkins, a new church was planted on September 24th, 2004. Nearly twenty people came to the first service. This worship service used FBC’s Youth Fellowship Hall. This service was conducted using Chinese Mandarin and English. We have seen God’s hand at work in this small church right from the start. We devote our attention on His Word and obeying His commandments. As a result we are seen His blessings on this church. In two years we have seen the membership of this church grown to 56. We have celebrated the baptism of 17 new believers. The church is focused on “Love the Lord, and loving others”. 


We serve the Chinese community living in Charlottesville. Many of our brothers and sisters are affiliated with the University of Virginia. Many are graduate students, scholars here to further their education in post-doctoral programs. Some are merchants and businessmen in Charlottesville. As such we have a “transient” group of people. Each year we are saddened by the departure of friends and neighbors and brothers and sisters. At the same time God brings new friends into our midst with each new university semester. We see this as our charge to share the gospel with our new Chinese friends who may have never heard of the name of Jesus. We also see God giving us this golden opportunity to train disciples so that His name can be preached back in China. To this end we covet your prayers.

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